Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Here are my two favorite girls, except for Nanny, but she doesn't count seeing she's got the Mom thing going.

Brittany decided to take a shower and actually washed her hair this day, so it was a good time to take a picture. Normally she goes a month or so before a bath, or a shower.

She didn't actually use soap, but she did use shampoo, all of our conditioner, and made some sort of concoction between the two called "Maverick".

Brittany will be playing the part of a witch this Halloween, yet again. This will be her, I think, 4th time as a witch. She does it well. Practice, practice, practice.

Amy as you can see will be playing the part as my cleaning lady, cook, laundry lady, and conscience for me. She also has a full time job on the side.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I am and always will be a Noah Of ONE.

I will be turning 7 on Oct 31st, which is also Halloween. This Halloween I will be portraying a Roman Gladiator. My next gig is for GQ magazine, but it will be an 'undie' deal. My Dad signed the release for a nipple shot, so I'm cool.

Look for my new cologne coming out this Spring called, "Essence of a Peed Bed", but will be advertised as 'Maverik'. In the mean time hang loose and send me money.

Nanny send my Dad money, beef jerkey, and some Turkey Hill Iced Tea. Grandpa, just send money.

I'm here all week folks! Seriously ladies and germs, try the fish! I'm outta here...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Well Steve and I went to the KC Cheifs game and saw my hopes of a Cheifs victory go down in a large fiery ball of flaming dissapointment. The good news is that we only spend a few hundred thousand dollars on it. Yeah!

I have just also noticed that I look short, stupid, evasively balding, drunk, and dirty in this photo. I will go ahead and blame Steve, the f**king Cheifs, McNabb, and anydoby who hates Bush on my condition. I could see everything, I had my old man glasses on.