Monday, March 30, 2009

Here We Go!

We are off to see this dude, hopefully we get to see him again in a few weeks as well, WHEN we win the episode. The videos on the show are always funny when people get hit in the junk, I'm gonna see how much he laughs when Noah 'accidentally' falls and cracks his landing gear.

Unfortunately we can not tell anybody if we win/won due to legal papers we signed that I have no idea what they mean. I only wish we had access to people who could have helped us out with all the legal mumbo jumbo, but blood sucking lawyers are expensive. I'm sure everybody knows what I mean.

If we tell you what place we get, then we lose our prize money, and are liable for up to $100K. So we have to keep mum. Heck we don't even own the video any more, ABC/Disney does.

But, if we were to take a 'vacation' in the next 2-3 weeks, then you can make your own conclusions.

Watch out for us come May 3rd on ABC, as we'll be on camera for either 5 or 20 seconds. And wish us luck. I just hope Britt doesn't talk his ear off....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Who is this Little Girl?

Americas Funniest Home Video's

Britt bugged me enough to send in a home video to the above mentioned show. Oddly enough after a few weeks they called me! AFV contacted me and they want one of our videos of painful life growing up.

It is the videos of the kids trying to sing a B-Day song to Aunt Lisa (Ian and Colin's Mom!). A bit violent but funny. It used to be on this site and YouTube, but the folks (and by folks I mean lawyers) made us take it off.

ABC now owns a precious event in our lives. We have sold our moment to the devil for a potential of 12 seconds on national TV. God bless America. We get no money.

We'll let everybody know when it will air.

P.S. Ian and Colin, this video was made for your Mom!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Governor Sibelius Meets Britt!

One day, I was at the airport on March 18, 2009. And behold to my very eyes I saw her... Governor Sibelius (Dem KS) A.K.A Kathleen (i have an Aunt named that!).

Anyways back to my famous story. I was traveling back to my homeland Kansas on a very sunny day. The sweet birds were singing in my very ears and the wind felt my melody of my iPod. I went up to her very unexpectedly, then I than talked to her with my lips..."Are you Madam Governor?", she than said, "Well, yes I am"
, I than said "Can you sign my paper", she signed it and I said thank you.

She asked me some questions like where I go to school and my favorite subject ,science of course. As I walked away I was screaming in my head "YES!!! I CAN RUB THIS IN THE WHOLE 6th GRADER'S FACES... INCLUDING THE TEACHERS!!!"

When I entered the plane she was two lanes behind me. When I got off, I than talked to her again and said "Thank you again." And she said "Your welcome" and than repeated the school I go to.

She is very cool and exciting, she is also funny and she's amazing! Hey... you should meet her one day!

This is a scan of her actual signature on my achievement award!

~Brittany Hohenadel