Friday, December 30, 2005

I will teach you to Hack my Blog
I will see your baby & kids pics,
and raise you some 'Ski Pics'!

Hello everyone from Lisa Hohenadel Campbell. I'm hacking in to Paul's Blog in order to share my new nephew, Ryan with you
(and shamelessly include my own children in the process).

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and
Happy Birthday to Nanny!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Welcome friends, enjoys pics from days gone bye.

and call me at 913-579-6957

Make sure you look at the previos posts, via the link
on the side menu thing.

It's kinda sad that the only pics I can find right away
are of us wasted, or old, we need to change that.

Welcome Sandor, Todd, and Melissa!
Enjoy old times!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Welcome to the World Mr.

Ryan Patrick Hohenadel!

Congradlations John & Kim from all of us (Paul, Amy, Joshua, Brittany, Noah and Bender). We can't wait until we get a chance to see him.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

We recieved some more snow today, it's up about 3 inches now, with some 3 more to go. Very odd for Kansas. We actually got almost a foot two weeks ago as well. I belive global warming is to blame

Here all all the kids, they love the snow, but decided to go in the woods and 'mine' clay. Josh thinks that he can use this clay to make stuff. It just makes a mess. I am wondering were all the pics of new baby Ryan Patrick Hohenadel are?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A picture of Noah with his birthday cake.

Mr. Noah with some of his birthday balloons, we later shot them with the bow and BB guns.

Joshua with a horrible birthday gift from Dad, a compound bow. His is currently aiming for the dog, Bender Rodriguez Hohenadel, but his aim sucks.

Joshua with his Birthday banner we put out on the deck.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

A bigger pics of the golblins, from Halloween, cause we don't all dress this way everyday.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday Noah!

We had a cool Halloween and B-day party for Noah. As you can see Britt was, always, a witch. Noah was a Roman Gladiator with a Ninja sword. Joshua was some sort of Army guy, but apparently with cat whiskers?? I was a mighty pirate - Arhh! Matey!, and Amy was a Renissance girly thing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Here are my two favorite girls, except for Nanny, but she doesn't count seeing she's got the Mom thing going.

Brittany decided to take a shower and actually washed her hair this day, so it was a good time to take a picture. Normally she goes a month or so before a bath, or a shower.

She didn't actually use soap, but she did use shampoo, all of our conditioner, and made some sort of concoction between the two called "Maverick".

Brittany will be playing the part of a witch this Halloween, yet again. This will be her, I think, 4th time as a witch. She does it well. Practice, practice, practice.

Amy as you can see will be playing the part as my cleaning lady, cook, laundry lady, and conscience for me. She also has a full time job on the side.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I am and always will be a Noah Of ONE.

I will be turning 7 on Oct 31st, which is also Halloween. This Halloween I will be portraying a Roman Gladiator. My next gig is for GQ magazine, but it will be an 'undie' deal. My Dad signed the release for a nipple shot, so I'm cool.

Look for my new cologne coming out this Spring called, "Essence of a Peed Bed", but will be advertised as 'Maverik'. In the mean time hang loose and send me money.

Nanny send my Dad money, beef jerkey, and some Turkey Hill Iced Tea. Grandpa, just send money.

I'm here all week folks! Seriously ladies and germs, try the fish! I'm outta here...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Well Steve and I went to the KC Cheifs game and saw my hopes of a Cheifs victory go down in a large fiery ball of flaming dissapointment. The good news is that we only spend a few hundred thousand dollars on it. Yeah!

I have just also noticed that I look short, stupid, evasively balding, drunk, and dirty in this photo. I will go ahead and blame Steve, the f**king Cheifs, McNabb, and anydoby who hates Bush on my condition. I could see everything, I had my old man glasses on.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Happy 34th Birthday
Today is Amy's 34th birthday (September 28th), so make sure you either write her a nice little note on the comments here, call her, or whatever.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Hi all! Back from VA, OH and NE. I've been all over the country in the last 48 hours and I'm finally home. I came back to find the house still standing, 4 loads of laundry done and Josh all in one piece. The dog's still here too. Phew, I can now rest easy and go home for 5 days without fear. Hope everyone is doing well. P.S. Andrew and Kathleen-You sing better than I do, when is your greatest hits album coming out?

Some people we know. This is Caril & Brian Weatherman, with their new son Jack. A word of advice, don't play horseshoe's with this guy. Not fun at all. Play him in poker instead, easy money baby.

A nice picture Amy took of them, I was sleeping off a Bender.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

This is an add, I didn't realize that my first post would shify down, so the actual first post is below this one. Scroll away if you care. This so much easier than the other way. Just look at the date/time...

OK this my second post because Amy hasn't come home yet her plane is stuck in Cleveland, and I am up late waiting for her, although that will only last as long as my beer supply and eyelids.

Here is a list of all e-mail addresses I have for us, use them as much as I use them for you guys, which is almost never but more than anybody but Mom. I don't think I have ever recieved an e-mail from Dad (hint, try it old man).

Paul Hohenadel

I don't have pic of me as there are none on this laptop, and I'm an ugly drunk.

Amy Martin

Amy found this baby and claims she found it in New Orleans and says it's mine, but I thinks it's real name is Jack, and belongs to Caril & Brian.

Joshua Hohenadel

Same deal for Josh, no Pic.

Brittany Hohenadel

Noah Hohenadel

Bender Rodrigez Hohenadel / Martin

Obviosly way to many addresses, especially for me, but good for spam, fantasy football, etc...
Basically I write stuff on this page of what's happening, and you can read it. But I think you guys can actualy respond. I'll play with it and see how it works out. It might be cool, even if you don't understand at this point.

Remember though that I suck at spelling and that you have been redirected to a 'different' place then from my website. And like my website, I am to lazy to add 'back' buttons, or anything else. If I find an easy way or you want to do it then fine.

I will leave you with this true tale of the amazing life of the Hohenadel's (Paul clam), and a Martin thrown in.

Monday Sept 19th I was on a plane heading to Atlanta on Delta Airlines, the pilot came on the announcer thing like always before the plane pushed back. He said, and I quote, sorta....

Pilot: "Thank you for choosing Delta airlines. We know you have a choice of bankrupt airlines and appriciate you choosing our bankrupt airline."

I laughed as did others until I thought about how they don't have enough money to pay their own union for maintainance, hence they now use a sub-contractor, and are bankrupt still.

Sure enough there was an 'Issue' with the hydralics of the front wheel thing upon landing. While not a big issue 4 fire trucks were alerted and scrambled. They did not actually come out to the plane, but we had to drive (or is it fly on the ground slowly?) in front of the air/fire staion for an 'inspection'.

The other odd thing about this is that I had the SAME thing happen with the wheel hydralic thing happe n a few weeks back on American into KC. But this time we actually made an emercency landing, fire trucks came out and all kinds of stuff.

I wish I could say that the plane caught fire and that I saved 13 people 4 dogs and a cripple kid named Lou, but that's it. No blow up sliding out of the plane things, no flames, not even a free beer for the next flight.

If I can figure it out I will put a picture on here of a photo I took from the plane with alll the trucks outside the window. Actually I just figured it out, so you should see it now, and I'm to lazy to delete the last stuff.

Bankrupt, and flying don't really mix. We'll I'm off to Mexico next week on US Air!