Monday, December 17, 2007

Brittnay Lynn's Art Show

Britt was chosen as 1 of only 2 students in her entire school (grades K-6) to represent them in the district art show.

Photos aren't great, and they misspelled her name (which she made them fix!), but we are all very proud.

If you look at these pictures you WILL leave a comment for her, this is a man law, do it. I'm watching the counter for the site after this post, so we better get as many comments as the number of hits. If not, I will hunt you down, crush, and melt your car.

Hugs and kisses, Dad & Britt!


amy said...


I love this fish. You are a gifted artist and I am so very proud of you!!

Love you,


Dad said...

Great job Britt, we always knew you were an artist, this is but the first of many awards!

Anonymous said...

How proud your Nan is of you, Britt! I love that you chose to do sculpture. I have a feeling that you will do many wonderful things in the years ahead and I look forward to sayin "Congratultion!" over and over! Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

Nice phishy phish!!Good job Britt. I knew you could draw but I didn't know you could sculpt as well. Love Uncle John

Aunt Lisa said...

The amazing artwork of Brittany Lynn! Great job. Ian will be most impressed, as he is by all talented artists. We're proud of you.

Love you, Aunt Lisa

Aunt Kathleen said...

My favorite thing ever! - Fish! :) And made out of clay - Very impressive! Congrats on your award!

I think you need a trip to the beach for more detailed study for your next art project!

Love you! - aunt kathleen

cousin august said...

my cousin brittany is awesome...

love, august

Mimi said...


Awesome!! Without a doubt the most fabulous fish sculpture ever. Great job!!!


Aunt Kim said...

I am so proud of you! You do wonderful work! You really are a great artist!!! Love you so much,
Aunt Kim :)

Anonymous said...

Brittany -
Wonderful job! You are quite an accomplished artist already. Keep up the good work.
Aunt Bebe

PS: I am sure Liz, Michael and Maggie would be imporessed as well.

Anonymous said...