Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Use the Fujifilm Photo Site!

Come see us at our Fujifilm's photo sharing site. We are gonna try this site in addition to the other nine we have since it's Fujifilm!

And as I pay our mortgage via Fujifilm I think all of you should use it too! I have actually been to the main facility that processes these photos and while you would expect me to say it's awesome, it's actually quite a disappointment.

You would think it's some monstrous robot facility, but in reality is just a bunch of dudes at benches packaging this stuff up. But they do use some of MY equipment, such as the Acuity and the Turbo. But obviously they also do regular photo's and Fujifilm is sorta known for film, pictures and stuff. And I am for American made stuff, and this is all done in Chicago, where I was today.

Any event, everybody sign up for an account at www.seehere.com. As a friend of mine you also get 100 free prints when setting up an account using the code 'prints-2', also you get 40% off just about everything else using the code 'employeegift-1'.

Our initial picture album is currently here, or the long address below.


Sign up and buy stuff for your own familiy and help my bonus.

Kodak, Shutterfly, Smugmug etc are all based out of Iran, and support Oboma, so it would be a bad idea to use them.