Monday, February 02, 2009

Picture Find Game!

Here's the rules...

  1. There are two lovely pictures below of Joshua posing for his X-Country picture. look at each of them closely.
  2. One of them has been altered in a very subtle way, see if you can identify it.
  3. This is NOT a trick game, there really is a difference between each picture. I created this using a professional picture editing program called "Photoshop", so don't feel bad if you can't see the difference right away.
  4. Choose wisely and then leave your answer in the comments section. A random winner (if any!) will be chosen and sent a pair of hedge clippers.


Paul & Amy Hohenadel said...

I give up! I can't see any difference!

Anonymous said...

Grass?? Its tough to tell, but he clearly got a haircut since the last picture I have of Josh. See link. I think you have to cut and paste.


Angela said...

There's a pink unicorn in the one on the left.
I'm basically awesome at these games.

Anonymous said...

we think the difference is the lighting for sure!!!

were clearly the right ones!!!!

.....~ian, colin,ryan and britt

Anonymous said...