Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still The Only Princesses

But all of us Midwest Hohenadel's welcome our new, fresh and shiny nephew/cousin!

Welcome Mr. Jack Thomas Hohenadel

Evan sure didn't get to relish in being the Hohenadel Family 'Baby' for very long.


Andrew said...

I think the question now is "How long will Jack remain the baby of the family?" Forever? What cha think?

Anonymous said...

Evan's excited to have a playmate his own size...someone to roll around on the floor and coo with!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Paul, for my two princesses! Look how beautiful they are. Dad has enough grandsons for a baseball team! Mom

Lisa said...

Oh, I didn't tell you...I'm pregnant.

Just kidding!

I think it's appropriate that the babies of the two families have the baby of this family!

Anonymous said...