Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Treasure Has Been Found!

While some of us think we are quite savvy with computers, the internet and gadgets, we tend to forget that we have not grown up alongside this stuff. To us it's all new and we learn with it. Kids on the other hand have this stuff as a way of life.

We put a few pics and vids up on the intertubes and marvel at our 'blogs' but in reality our kids are living it and recording their own lives like a diary as a normal course of action.

Enter stage left, Britt.

I never really looked or cared about her little videos that she posts, until I realized she had a YouTude account. And what I found was amazing. Glimpses of herself without parents telling her what to do or pose.

Have a look at her stuff, as a father it's all funny, and a bit disturbing, but it's real. Her creativity, humor and candor is amazing. There's a bunch of vids, so take your time, but it's stuff past gen's could never accurately preserve. And it will only get more pronounced. I can't imagine the lives our even younger ones will growup in. Click below.

Britt's Video Archive

If forever what reason it doesnt work, simply go to YouTube and search for videos from Sammyblh.

It seems like only last month that she started first grade...

As always everybody look and read, but please don't post comments, cause we like that, especially the kids. We are only up to 1500 miles away, so it's no big deal.


Lisa said...

#1 you are right - she IS creative! and #2 I AM OLD.

Lisa said...

"Random" is funny.

lena said...

Pretty cute, Britt. I found one that you and Colin shot last year. Both of you have done alot of growing up during this time! Nan

Anonymous said...

your all stalkers


Anonymous said...