Thursday, September 22, 2005

This is an add, I didn't realize that my first post would shify down, so the actual first post is below this one. Scroll away if you care. This so much easier than the other way. Just look at the date/time...

OK this my second post because Amy hasn't come home yet her plane is stuck in Cleveland, and I am up late waiting for her, although that will only last as long as my beer supply and eyelids.

Here is a list of all e-mail addresses I have for us, use them as much as I use them for you guys, which is almost never but more than anybody but Mom. I don't think I have ever recieved an e-mail from Dad (hint, try it old man).

Paul Hohenadel

I don't have pic of me as there are none on this laptop, and I'm an ugly drunk.

Amy Martin

Amy found this baby and claims she found it in New Orleans and says it's mine, but I thinks it's real name is Jack, and belongs to Caril & Brian.

Joshua Hohenadel

Same deal for Josh, no Pic.

Brittany Hohenadel

Noah Hohenadel

Bender Rodrigez Hohenadel / Martin

Obviosly way to many addresses, especially for me, but good for spam, fantasy football, etc...


Anonymous said...

"So long and thanks for all the fish"

You better do better than that! Maybe a conversation of a dirty refrigerator, a two headed president, a potato, or even the rectal temp. of a bubblebee would be in order. Beet pollen or not the perfect taco is just around the corner.


Anonymous said...