Sunday, June 10, 2007

The 2007 Maybe Annual Invitational to All Tri-Athalon!

Here we see Josh biking 5 miles with an average speed of over 25/mph to win his heat. Britt is thinking about her water bottle, and Noah is getting another first place in all his events, again.

Amy and Noah watching the fun filled festivities, Amy won one the getting free food and drinks routine, Noah just wanted to win his last event after the swimming, running, and obstacle course. Although it was a triathlon, there were four events.

The medals were award! Noah won them all with Josh doing excellent with a 5 mile bike ride, 1 mile run and a 200m swim. Britt did great as well, but her free food and drinks skills only outweighed Amy!

As we all know, there can only be one winner. Unfortunately although they kept track of all times for the event, they decided not to publish any results, so everybody won, and got a medal, except for Noah who got a new bike!

Actually he won it in a raffle, but then Britt cried cause she wanted that bike and no other, cause is was her favorite bike, and she deserved it, and Noah only got it cause he was 'lucky'. The ride home went well until every few seconds the boys teased Britt about the bike. Then there was crying and punishments were put into place, this went on forever, and still goes on today.

Somebody please shoot me.


Anonymous said...

How proud we are! Of Amy too! Remind Britt that she has a super duper bike here just waiting for her!!!!

I am just proud that you all competed, Josh, Britt and Noah - the awards are just extra. Do it again! We LOVE you all

Nan and Grandpa

Anonymous said...