Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Next Great Hohenadel is Brewing!

First Sonogram from our new baby. The one with the funny lines underneath shows the baby's heart rate. Which is a normal 157 bpm.

Unbelievable for me, as I haven't seen a sonogram on child in at least 8 years. So much cleaner, quicker, fast, and informative.

An awesome experience to actually see the baby's heart beat. In addition all our nasty living and chemical exposure from our jobs have so far produced an A1 Prime Hohenadel!

If you look hard enough you can see that this is a baby girl! (just kidding Mom), we won't know, or won't want to know for another 8 weeks.

Although if you squint hard enough I think I can see some red hair, and maybe a bit of Amy's nose.