Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Few New Pictures

Josh & Afton finally! We all hate his hair as well, but this is what is apparently in style. Email him at and tell him to get a proper haircut. You all saw Noah, they look like Quakers.

A boy and his dog, nough said.

Ready for a bath, and skinny as a Hohenadel

While pretty, cute, born with a rug hat, a princess wanna be, Afton has a Mohawk.

A smile or a fart? You decide.

This one is a real smile as far as we know.

Bender has an issue with Afton as he thinks she smells like bacon, hence the "I will eat you small human" look.

Nuff said, almost all my girls, except for Britt and Bender.

These are what tiny toesy's look like.
(Thanks to Tambricke for the correct spelling)

Please everybody remember that we accept money from all of you in the form of cash and checks via mail, or any other means. Don't feel weird about thinking we are poor and want to send over 1K, we will suck it up with your loving gift.

Also please remeber to NOT leave a comment as we apparently love that


Kim said...

So to break the rules, but I am leaving a comment!!! Anyway, love the pics and the descriptions (I remind John all the time how weird his brother is...). He loved the bacon comment, by the way....
Good luck, tomorrow, Amy, as you head back to work, and best wishes on the inspection! We'll be anxious to hear any news!!!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I am here with Afton. She is so pretty and when she laughs, she looks like a little Amy. She even giggles out loud! Isn't that early? I have been here almost 5 days and she just is ever so good. She is sleeping through the night too! How perfect are my grandkids?!

Anonymous said...