Saturday, January 12, 2008

December 10, 2007

Hello again! I am 5 weeks old today, well in about 6.5 hours. I have been having lots of fun with Mommy these last few weeks but get to start something called "school" in two weeks. I'm not too sure I'm going to like that, but my cousin August seems to like his school, so I'll give it a try!!

Love, Afton

We wanted to thank everyone for the great Christmas gifts that we received this year!!! One of these days we will put our Christmas pics on the blog... We also enjoyed having the Martin clan here for Christmas. It was truly Amy's best Christmas. Hopefully one of these years(when we are in a MUCH larger house) we will have both the Martin and Hohenadel clans for Christmas(make that a MUCH, MUCH larger house if everyone comes!) Also, we want to thank everyone for the beautiful gifts for Afton. Amy IS working on thank you's between feedings, changings and sporadic, short naps and should have them done soon. Birth announcements will be sent out prior to Afton's first birthday at this rate!!! Love to you all. The Missouri Hohenadel Clan


Kim said...

Well, I can finally see a little bit of Amy in these pics of Afton for a change! She is so cute, and I love seeing new pics all the time! I check your site almost daily for updates!!
Love to you all!
Miss you,

Anonymous said...

Oh, Afton is so beautiful! I just love her smile! She is truly a mix of both of you! I am SO anxious to hold her and stare at soon as I can, I am coming. Love you all mom

Anonymous said...