Monday, September 17, 2007

Joshua's First X-Country Meet

He placed 4 in his division and second for his team. This was out of maybe 40 kids from 4 schools.

Who do these next two pictures look like?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!!!!!!!!!1How incredible is that. Your Dad called me and told me to look online. He described it as so close that it was scary. It is. Amazing, huh?

I can hardly wait to see you all. Have a nice birthday tomorrow, Paul! Mom

Anonymous said...

Josh. Congratulations! When I used to see you run back in Overland Park, I knew you had great talent. Good going. Smart running takes focus and I can see it in the pictures. I love you! Nanny

Anonymous said...

Joshy, we are so proud of you!! Congratulations on coming in 3rd place out of all those kids! You ROCK!!!! Love you! xox, Uncle John, Aunt Kim, and Ryan

Anonymous said...