Monday, September 03, 2007

Noah The Rocket Scientist

As you can see It's been a bit dry out here as the grass it a tad on the dead side. Blame Bush, then God, everybody else does.

Two Quick Movies


Anonymous said...

That was alot of fun!!!! Noah, did you retrieve the rocket? I could just imagine your disappointment if you did not. that thing really takes off, doesn't it!!! Can you blast off again?

Tell your Dad that I love seeing these movies and hearing your voices. It makes me feel not so far away.

Love Nanny

Anonymous said...

Awesome Noah!! May I suggest wearing a white lab coat, it will immediately improve your rocket's performance. Uncle John

Anonymous said...

Colin said: "AWESOME!!" I love your rocket, it looks cool. I hope I can check it out sometime. Also said, "did Noah say 'holy crap?' "

Ian said: "Can that thing blast off again?" (question answered in subsequent videos). And, "that's an awesome rocket, Noah."

So are we to assume it sailed away to Missouri?

Lisa, Ian and Colin

Anonymous said...