Saturday, September 08, 2007

Noah's First Soccer Game

Today was Noah's first soccer game. They had cool new Jerseys that are flourecent green, but they look good. His teams name is the Hornets, and they won by a close 9-8.

Luckily the Hornets have a special player who got four of those goals! Guess who that was.

Noah even stopped 3 goals even though he wasn't even the goalie. One of those was with an excellent head block!

After the game as we were walking to the car, the coach from the other team came up to Noah to congratulate him on his awesome performance. His own team members didn't care because they are used to his efforts. Although this game was better because there was a lot of teamwork and passing.

Here are three videos, the 1st is a good interception from the other team going to our goal, Noah stepped in and kicked the heck out of it. The next two are the 1st and 2nd of Noah's 4 goals.